Our support tools and services help efficiently run HR and hiring operations


We offer VMS and backend support tools, as well as consulting services and conflict management software


Renhead empowers businesses with technology designed to simplify your (work) life. We do that by creating technology that is built to eliminate paperwork and manage all aspects of your workflow process – from ONE simple-to-use platform. Renhead’s suite of solutions brings teams together – regardless of location – to inspire transparency, drive communication, and boost efficiency across any project, team, or business. Whether you are hiring or buying, our proprietary technology offers a robust platform that can be adapted into any workflow.


Backend Support

We understand first hand the costs and potential difficulties in starting your own staffing business or working and an independent consultant.

Through our ReqHunters program, we offer complete backend services for staffing
Payroll, Business Insurance, Consultant access to Heald Benefits are all things included. You only pay a small % fee on your placements, and we take care of the rest.


Our executive team has decades of experience not only in the staffing industry, but also in starting, and running, a successful business.

We can offer one on one consultation with stakeholders to provide guidance on hiring practices and spends or shorter workshop type meetings to address specific topics for your team

Guided Resolution

Workplace Negotiation Platform

Guided Resolution’s asynchronous mediation portal leads two or more parties through non-adversarial negotiations where the portal handles the interaction between users.

The parties do not need to meet, speak or necessarily involve a third party.
The platform can also be used to prepare for face-to-face negotiation and for professional development.

Talk with one of our consultants today about our specialize support services for business, and find out how we can support your HR and hiring teams.

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