We provide anything from basic, low cost, resume sourcing, to full search including confidential and executive level searches.


Triple E Partners offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs and your budget.


Triple E Partners was founded in Staff Augmentation services. It’s where our roots are.

We provide the highest quality candidates in the market, at reasonable cost.

We pro-actively hunt every candidate, using our personal network, AI tools, user groups, and even job boards. We do not post your jobs, sit back and wait for resumes to come to us.

Our candidates are W2 employees of our firm, and are eligible for our full benefits package on day 1.


Triple E Partners offers a unique resume search service as an extremely cost effective option.

One of our Hiring Advisors will work with you to create a set of search criteria
Our team will provide up to 50 resumes that match all criteria, including contact information, for you to then connect.

Project Based Staffing

We’re capable of taking on specific project staffing needs to meet your demands

Project based staff work at your location, or remotely as needed. They work your hours and meet your timeline.

Project staffing is available as either an hourly, total project cost model

Startup and Equity Staffing

Startups face a unique challenge in filling roles on their team.

Finding the talent you need can prove difficult to do on your own, but paying a staffing firm might not be in the budget at early stages.

Triple E Partners can provide our same services in return for an equity stake in your startup, as opposed to paying in cash.

By making us a partner in your growth, we have the utmost motivation in our placements advancing your goals.

Talk with one of our consultants today about how we can help with your hiring, and find the solution that’s right for you.

Triple E Partners

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