About Triple E Partners

Learn what it means to have a partner in hiring.

Our Mission

To help companies find, hire, and retain their top contributors


At Triple E Partners we believe successful hiring is about more than “recruiting.”  We understand that companies have different needs, different budgets, and different cultures.  We are your partner in hiring, not just a stream of resumes and interviews.

Our advisors work with you to build a hiring strategy that fits your needs, then seamlessly integrate that strategy into your existing workflows.  Recruitment strategy, coordinating interviews and offers, backend systems and support, or picking the right outsourcing partner – We have the tools and industry expertise to find, hire, and keep your best employees.  All while making life easier for the outstanding people you already have working for you.


Charlie Haury

Principal Partner

Charlie oversees and implements our hiring strategies.  He takes what we’ve come up with in theory and makes it happen; taking the lead on delivering our solutions.

Prior to Co-Founding TEP, Charlie worked in recruiting, recruiting and recruiting management

Mike Bausano

Managing Partner

Mike is our lead client advocate at TEP.  Working with businesses and our team to find the most effective hiring strategies and processes.  

Prior to Co-Founding Triple E Partners Mike worked in Business Development and Management for a Global Staffing Firm

John Recchiuti


John is the driving force behind search at Triple E Partners.  He leads our efforts finding and delivering the top candidates in market for our clients.

Prior to becoming a partner at TEP, John was a highly successful recruiter and client manager.

Triple E Partners

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